Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory Blinds

Pleated blinds Unique and effective Often called conservatory blinds where they can be cut to any shape to fit roofs.

Charisma recommends the equi-pleat system which allows the blind to maintain its shape all the way down a window (equal pleating the fabric!)

The pleated is primarily used in the sunroom but is increasingly being used as a window dressing in other parts of the house.

A pleated blind may be "free-hanging" or be held in place by cords which are pre-tensioned to allow the blind to be moved up and down and held at any "midway" position.

They fold neatly away and our unique Unipleat function prevents pleats from dropping and ensures that blinds always look as good as when they were first installed.

Pleated blinds are ideal for use with the unique INTU blind system which we offer.

This patented "no holes, no screws" system eliminates the need for cords or loops, making it the safest system available with children around.

Our comprehensive collection of pleated blinds comes in a vast range of designs, colours and finishes. Available in a range of soft finishes to contrast and compliment with most conservatory/domestic furniture the fabrics generally incorporate a light reflective and/or blackout coating for added flexibility. Available in single layer fabric (plisse), double honeycomb material (duette), or cellular option offering increased energy saving. In blackout, or dim out or translucent material, Specialist features include - Fire Resistant and Reflective coating on many fabrics which gives increased control of heat and light. Charisma blinds can offer the blinds for roof operation or free hanging in both rectangular and shaped sizes. We can even motorise your blinds to your specifications. Additionally, we can now offer the ‘perfect fit' pleated blind, where the fabric is enclosed within an aluminium frame, giving the blind a neat and tidy finish. Pleated blinds provide an extremely neat concertina shaped surface that has often gives amazing effects that change as light is reflected by it or passes through it. These blinds have one appearance during the day from the interior, when the sun is being deflected back out. By night, when the light is from within, a whole new effect is realised due to the deflection of the interior light from the "pleats". The blinds themselves usually have holes in the centre of each pleat through which the guidance wire passes. Pleated Advantages Purpose made mainly for conservatories but are often used for UPVC (and other types) doors due to their "fixed" state. Also can be tailor made to fit recessed loft skylight windows. Pleated blinds are very neat and narrow (popular sectional width is 20mm) thus maximising interior space Effectively control heat in a conservatory; reducing heat in summer and conserving in winter Overall brightness reduced allowing you to comfortably read and watch TV in your conservatory Effective in creating privacy within your conservatory Things to consider Pleated blinds have a versatility similar to roller blinds in that they are up, down or in between. There is little "intermediate" fine control.

It is however generally adequate for conservatory use. These are quite expensive due to high quality materials required to perform well in areas with large extremes of heat and light. You don't have to be restricted to "pleated" for your conservatory. Almost any other type can be fit to your main conservatory windows.