Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds Timeless and practical

With simple, clean lines roller blinds offer a stylish window dressing for any room in the home. In conservatories they are particularly functional, shading the sun where required.

With years of experience in manufacture and supplying roller blinds Charisma can offer the widest choice in both fabrics and finishes to give you the blinds that will suit your requirements and lifestyle.

We have hundreds of fabrics from the traditional woven fabrics to the newer translucent, suede and Hessian style cloth, PVC, plains, highly patterned in all colours. Jacquard, print giving both the look and cosiness that is demanded with today's living. Many roller fabrics are supplied with backings which completely block or reflect sunlight. Extremely practical in bedrooms or to prevent shading of carpets and furniture. Additional features include wipe clean, fire retardant, dim-out, glare reduction, and moisture resistant.

A modern or traditional look to a room can be created by the various finishes available on roller blinds. They can have a plain straight edge, a scallop with braid, in a variety of colours and styles, a pull from our choice of ten in fabric and wood, a pole in brass, wood or chrome or modern circular eyelets in a choice of colours, including woodgrain, brass, copper, gold, silver, chrome and steel matt. Square eyelets are available in chrome.

They provide a huge choice of design in covering your window. From a totally neutral flat cover effect, fitted tight to your glazing to a flamboyant window feature in a rich textured design, there are many to choose from. Add a shaped design to the bottom of the blind that could use a pole/café rod with braid embellishment......there are lots of ways to make these simple blinds unique to your own decorating theme.

With modern finishes and the most advanced sidewinder or spring system on the market, you can have confidence that you will have years of satisfaction from your blinds. The choice is yours.

Roller Blinds are, simply put; a length of fabric rolled onto a roller and held on brackets above your window, rolled up and down by a continuous cord or may be even sprung loaded!

Advantages of Roller blinds:

  • They are simple with little to maintain & easy to use
  • Use half up half down......any position
  • Leave a maximum amount of "open" window when raised allowing lots of light in and clear views out.
  • Make good "blackout blinds" when made in specialist material and placed fully down.
  • May be designed for "Clean" lines matching minimalist designs
  • Or: To provide a complex focal window feature where required.
  • Economical low cost option that tends to last

Things to consider;

  • So care needs to be taken when choosing fabrics to suit location. Ie.A tightly knit polyester for kitchens/bathrooms and broad knit/looser fabrics for lounges/bedrooms etc.
  • The maximum width of fabrics vary, so always check widths also some manufacturers only make rollers 2m wide. Most Charisma roller Blinds are available up to 2.4m.

New for 2009 is a unique, patented INTU system roller blind. This "no holes, no screws" system eliminates the need for cords or loops making it the safest system available with children around. See Intu System page for details.